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Fall down seven, rise eight. Can schools grow grit?

This may get messy as thoughts run through my head. This post is about plans and reflections on twelve years of teaching and three years of senior leadership. This post is about the importance of grit and how schools could go about creating a culture of growing grit. It's not about teaching grit. That we can't do.  I'm sure to revisit and revise this post over time. I should start with a few pointers, heavily influenced by Angela Duckworth's 'Grit,' other readings and my own experience. Much may seem familiar to you because I am writing this to clear my own thoughts rather than influence the reader.  You may not agree about this stuff, I don't care, but would welcome feedback as without it, thoughts can't be shaped. (If you want to skip this stuff it's summarised in the video below) I'm a failure. I am happy about this. This year I've been going for deputy head jobs and failed to get one. I see this as a learning opportunity.