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Update, SPC, South Africa, Primary Challenge....

Well yet again it's been a while since my last posting! Events have been very rapid lately so I thought I'd just update. I've just got back from the GA SPC meeting in London. It was food to see a few faces again! It is clear that the issue of fieldwork and assessment at GCSE and A'Level is a major issue. I am wondering if a model based on the GCSE Art examinations may yield an acceptable solution? Perhaps pupils could design a research task, undertake the primary data collection and then develop a written response during a longer exam, say 5-10 hours? What do others think? South Africa Link A lot of my time recently has been devoted to this. I have been very frustrated with the lack of progress. After evaluation this has been down to a number of factors including failing to agree specific targets to work towards! However, this will soon be rectified as the first reciprocal visit starts a week today. The main aim is to ensure that we have a number of targets and agre