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I’m 37 years old and still have to pinch myself to ensure my job is real. Advice for the new year.

This post is an attempt to offer some advice to those who have chosen teaching as a career, mainly because I’m trying to procrastinate a little further. But first a story.  This week I took my son to Beddgelert in Snowdonia National Park, the home of a Welsh legend that I learnt about when a pupil at school.  Gelert was medieval Prince Llewellyn's hound.  One day, when the Prince was off hunting, the prince’s dwelling was attacked by a big, hungry wolf.  Gelert fought the creature off.  However, when Llewellyn returned to a blood soaked dog, he assumed that Gelert had attacked and eaten his baby son.  In a rage,  the prince slaughtered Gelert. Once the life had been drained from the dog, the prince heard a baby cry, and found his son untouched.  Gelert had fought off the wolf, whose blood soaked the hounds coat.  The grave can be visited at the village Beddgelert (meaning Gelert’s Grave) and the area is looked after by the National Trust (there’s also a fantastic ice cream shop…