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Stating the obvious? The secret to teaching….

I may say it was your fault Because I know you could have done more The Kooks. This post may be stating the obvious or extremely naive, depending on your view point.  Thing is, as a leader of teaching and learning, I should at least attempt to communicate my thoughts on how to teach.  This is it.  Ready?  The secret to high quality teaching and learning (which I define as leading to strong outcomes) is that there is no one, cast iron, indisputable, bomber way to teach.  It’s just not there.  I’m always careful to emphasise that all I can ever do is tell stories of what works (and what doesn’t).  That goes for any research, idea, vision.  I believe that the professional teacher is there to judge and employ the best way to teach the young people.  The secret to a school doing well in to encourage and invest in subject specific, erm, specialists.  From my own experience, the transformation we achieved at Priory Geography had very little to do with whole school policy, w