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Observations about feedback. The whizz bang: humdrum ratio

Sometimes I have no idea what I’d do if I wasn’t a dad.  Put another way, I have no idea what I’d do if I wasn’t heading along to swimming lessons in the local municipal pool each Saturday morning with my four year old boy in tow.  Take last Saturday.  I sat back and watched his 30 minute lesson.  There were six in his class, and two classes in the pool.  The big pool had around six classes going on.  At no point did I see any written feedback.  There was something injected into me when asked to lead on feedback that almost made me object in disgust.  No written feedback?  But how did they learn?  Thing is, that’s bonkers.  I watched individual feedback being given to every young person.  Verbal feedback that was linked to what the teacher had seen a moment before.  All of the students could do something they couldn’t by the end of the lesson.  Of course, as my son is four and can’t do very much, he’s learning quickly.  He was also under the promise of cake if he took part and trie