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Half term

Wow! Can't believe that half term is rapidly approaching. I've just been planning some of the routes we plan to tackle in Glen Coe and came across this video. Spot the famous mountaineer? I hope to find similar snow and ice conditions when we get up there!

Rainforest Exploitation

This is a classic issue to study in Geography but is still as relavant as ever. I'm using some videos from the Greenpeace site with Year 11 this week. Ideally I would get each class to produce their own video to upload. I'm working on the ICT access....... In the meantime the students will storyboard their ideas.

Geography and the diplomas

As part of my work for the GA SPC and Fareham's Geography Curriculum Development Group I have trawled through the Edexcel draft specifications for the first batch of diplomas. The summary document can be found here . Construction and the Built Environment provide the clearest links to our subject. The question of course is what to do with the information? It could be used to help with the recruitment of geography pupils at Key Stage 4 by showing pupils how Geography compliments their chosen Diploma. It could also be used to start discussions with the providers of the diplomas ion your area - could geography be 'contracted' to deliver aspects of the diplomas?

Key Stage 3 2008

First department meeting tomorrow so I've been working in some initial ideas for Key Stage 3. I've based ideas upon Noel's 'Fantasy KS3' and ideas from Teaching Geography, the RGS as well as drawing upon units of work developed in Hampshire over the past year and some of my own ideas. As there is so much to do it is important to keep the workload down as much as possible! I've also got to be realistic about the amount of work that can be done before July. These are just rough thoughts at the moment and I hope to trash out a curriculum map by the end of the meeting! I've tried to narrow down the priorities, but they still from a long list! Use of ICT and other media · Assessment using a variety of methods e.g. oral presentations, drama, written o To include AfL opportunities · Fieldwork – learning outside of the classroom · Develop teamwork · Enquiry · Independent learning · Links with other subjects · Global dimension · Sustainability · Enterprise · Key c

Curriculum Leader - Geography

Well it's been a quite few weeks for me as far as blogging goes. Things on the work front though have been manic! I hope that you all had a good new year and Christmas period and are sorting out your feelings on the pay deal announced today! I'm now two weeks int my new post of Curriculum Leader - Geography, although I don't have the official badge yet! As well as getting on top of my classes (some of which I have done through the employment of an ice axe and crampons!) there is a massive amount to do! I particularly enjoyed my first week without any technology! The rolling blackboard came down very soon to b replaced with a simple whiteboard and the projector turned up shortly afterwards. The next trick is to convince the rest of the department that using ICT is easy, necessary and fun! A great resource at the school is that I have access to the roof. This looks over the who of Portsmouth and will be great for (very) local fieldwork! The site also provides an ideal locati