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Half term mountain bike expedition....

These photographs were taken during a recent training ride along the South Downs Way, which is a stones throw from my house. We were training as we are planning to ride along Sarn Helen during half term ,while summiting Pen-Y-Fan , Cadair Idris and Snowdon . All on our mountain bikes. To get a flavour of the route click here . In order to take my mind away from saddle sore, I would appreciate your help. I intend to do two things: 1. write some Mission:Explore missions along the way that will be added to our upcoming iPhone App; 2. Complete some of the Mission:Explore missions as suggested by you! All you have to do is chose a Mission from the book and tweet the Misison Number using the #SHmission hashtag. For example, if you want to see me attempting to be a hero, tweet ME0046 #SHmission Of course, you'll need a copy of the book to take part - they are available in your local Waterstones or online from the Geography Collective website . I intend to tweet and blog across Wa

Getting young people involved in the BSF process

This year the department I work in was awarded a 21st Century Learning Alliance Fellowship in order to engage young people in school change. It was important to us that students' were really engaged and consulted. This is a short post in order to link to a short write up of a three day workshop over on the 21st Century Learning Alliance website . You can also find details on how to apply for the Fellowship there. It would be great if some of the excellent learning community that read this blog could leave a comment! The workshop was presented in partnership with the Geography Collective .

The future of education…..

As Apple’s iPad becomes available to pre-order today, I would like to share some general thoughts about technology and education.  This isn't directed at Apple technology (as I love their very shiny and useful kit :) and includes most educational technology, such as IWBs and software. My concern is the conversation that goes ‘ This bit of kit / software will transform education.’  I disagree with this.  Of course, for those that are already proficient in using technology, it will provide another tool, and even provide some activities that transform education. However, my main concern is that the training needs of staff are often overlooked.  For education to be transformed, staff need to be developed, supported and shown how technology can help to transform learning. The photograph above lists the key attributes of team work according to some pupils on an outdoor activity weekend last month.  For me, outdoor learning is just as, if not more, powerful in supporting learning

BrainPOP UK Reboot, Recycle, Reuse

I've written about BrainPOP Uk recently. I really like their site, so when they asked for some recycling lesson ideas, I sent off an email. A little while later, and the idea has appeared on the BrainPOP UK blog as part of the Reboot Spotlight . They also posted me a rather nice mug :-) Thank you to the BrainPOP team for featuring the lesson.

Another project down

Just emailed off the final manuscript of a project that has consumed most of the last 3 months. Wordle created using