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Who are you?

It's quiz week and the observation round this year has included this clip: Gave me a lesson idea when examining British Identity. Some of our pupils next year will create their own 'I am' videos. I wonder what factors will be mentioned and which locations will be chosen!

21st Century Learning Alliance Fellowship

I was very pleased to receive an email on Thursday informing of our successful bid for a 21st Century Learning Alliance Fellowship . The 500 word bid submitted was: Aims: To engage learners in exploring and interpreting space, especially around school buildings. To develop a core of learners that can actively, confidently and skilfully use their knowledge of the built environment to engage architects and planners during the BSF process. To investigate how space around schools can be developed to maximise cross-curricular learning opportunities. To provide a record of the transformation of Priory School This project will allow learners and teachers understanding of how 21st Century Schools can use space to transform learning. Priory learners will be empowered as they will be able to make a positive contribution to the school's BSF journey. As Space is one of the most important concepts of the Key Stage 3 Geography Curriculum, the department is ideally positioned to lead this

BBC Box and Interdependence

Just been sent the live link to my pupils work on the BBC Box webpage. The BBC came in to see how the box is being used in geography classrooms. The Slideshare below was used during the lesson and gives the basic structure: Declaration Of Interdependence View more documents from geogrocks .

Twitter, Facebook and Teachers TV

Not long finished a lesson using social networking and pirates. What follows is a brief description and evaluation of the use of Twitter and Facebook during the lesson. The lesson was filmed for a Teachers TV feature. To start: The Year 8 class have been working on interdependence, crime, trade and piracy for 3 lessons. During that time they have dispelled the stereotypical myths surrounding piracy and bought their understanding up-to-date and into the 21st century. To start the lesson I asked the pupils to respond to three questions. They were able to use mini-whiteboards to do this and I encouraged them to use images if they wanted. Below is an example: This worked very well and allowed the students to revisit past lessons. I also shared some of my own ideas. Twitter, Facebook and Pirates View more documents from geogrocks . Next, I introduced the task ( or mission in this case). The pupils were to use their new knowledge and understanding to let my Personal Learning Netwo

Educating my Personal Learning Network about modern day piracy

This post is being set up for a lesson tomorrow. Year 8! Use the comment function below to leave your thoughts and ideas on the following questions: 1. What do you want people to know about modern day piracy? 2. What issues need to be considered when producing information to share on the internet? 3. How could the information be presented while maintaining the geographical information? Image created using and used through a Creative Commons License