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How do we encourage teachers to nudge their practice beyond the outer limits?

I've been involved in Guerrilla activity for sometime now, and the slides above were used to support a talk at Durrington High School's TeachMeet.  These are very much thoughts in progress and I'd welcome your thoughts and comments.  This post is rambling and an attempt to tie a number of threads together. I've been struck by the importance of character and in the need for  schools to become better parents for certain types of student . A main part of my role over the past two years has been to work with Pupil Premium students.  I may not like the term, or qualifying criteria as schools should be focused on all students doing the best the can all of the time, but it has brought home the fact that education is not a level playing field and that there is a need to support these students better. The thing is, I think that too many of us are waiting for Superman   to arrive.  It's time to take matters in to our own hands.  We have to be driven by the needs of