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Learning Score - a tool for planning

I've been playing around with John Davitt's Learning Score since BETT at the start of term. I like it very much! Here are two examples of how I have used the tool and my thoughts about it. Year 8 Impacts of Tourism Lesson This lesson used a range of media: two video clips and an example annotated PowerPoint slide. Learning Score makes it easy to group resources together. This is a great help during the lesson as double clicking the icon launches the resource within Learning Score. I like this aspect of the programme very much! It also negates the problem of changing file formats in order to satisfy PowerPoint. I also like the way that showing this at the start of the lesson is a different way of sharing the learning objectives. It provides a visual overview of the lesson, which the young people I have spoken to value. The tool also has a classroom management impact. In this case, one of the classes was 'lively'. Having the Learning Score displayed behind

Twitter and Haiti

The BBC's Newsround were due in today to cover a story about using Twitter to support learning. They didn't turn up, but we had great fun anyway! Two of the students acted as reporters during the lesson, so I'll let them sum up! The lesson required very little planning, the main point was to collect some questions beforehand: After some internet safety discussions, the students paired off and selected a lucky dip question: the tweets were printed off and cut up. My laptop case provided the 'hat' :-) The lesson was livened up by some great interaction via my Twitter account. Students used a netbook, connected to my classroom's wifi,to communicate. The live feed was displayed for the class to see. An unexpected impact was the personalisation of learning. If the initial questions was too difficult to explore, pupils soon chose a new question from the live feed. In addition, I used Ian the iPhone to snap pictures of good work that were broadcast on the l

AutoCollage and BSF

One of my colleagues has been working with a small group of students who are exploring the current school. The aim is for them to make reconmendations to the design team of the new school. They used Microsoft AutoCollage to produce two images. Can you spot which one is positive and which is negative? Space explorers View more presentations from David Rogers .

Using Twitter to explore Haiti

With the news over the weekend that Haiti is to have its debt wiped out, I'm going to explore events around the earthquake again tomorrow with Year 8. To do this I am going to need your help! What questions would you like answered by my classes? How would you like the information presented? You can send me your questions in two ways: Ideally, send me a Tweet @daviderogers , or Leave a comment here! I hope to Tweet live from the lesson tomorrow, so if you are online between 8:40 and 9:40 and fancy saying hello it would be good to hear from you! We will be entertaining some visitors from the BBC's Newsround team during the lesson - so let's show the media how social media can be used as a powerful learning tool!