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Teachers talking about teaching: creating a research culture in school

Every since hearing Sir Tim Brighouse talk whilst I was a 21st Century Learning Alliance Fellow (read the report from 2010), I've seen the importance of teachers talking to teachers about teaching. I prefer to think of this as a campfire situation because, as an outdoor instructor, we used to evaluate the day around the stove with a brew in hand. Coupled with this, whilst the value of educational research is not in question, it is quite often inaccessible to teachers.  The studies can be vague or too focused on a small scale development.  the buzzwords (growth mindset, GRIT, metacognition) are easy to use, but the underlying practice can be difficult to unpick. This is why we created research bursars with the twin aim or translating research into practice within our own context whilst championing the process of action research and engagement with academic literature. First, I would encourage you to read through what our 2014_15 team developed: The selection process w