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Organic decline

An interesting topic. Article in today's Guardian reports on the decline in organic sales.


Have been a fan of Patagonia for a while now (otherwise known as Patagucci). Have been following their blog and ethical ideas and have found many resources useful for the classroom. The latest development is the ' Tin Shed '. Lots of interesting stuff! Image from Flickr user jetalone

Blood, sweat and t-shirts

Interesting visit to the BBC yesterday. Highlighted some resources linked to the Blood, Sweat and T-shirts pro gramme screened earlier this year. Thread - some useful videos and resources that explore the issue of ethical clothing. Goes beyond labor issues. Blast - also some focus on ethical clothing but also useful for enterprise education. Also some useful clips on youTube .

Snowdon cafe

Spent a very short time at the summit of Snowdon on the weekend, but was amazed at the landscaping that has occurred. Now you get to the summit via granite steps (not so easy on the legs after 2 weeks of hills!) The summit blog also has some nice aerial views of the installation. Also, visited Cairngorm mountain where there is major controversy about the damage the the environment and eco systems. Both cases illustrate how National Parks have been opened up for visitors.


What a month! a whole 4 and a bit weeks away from a computer, out of mobile reception most of the time and usually without basic facilities. I spent the first two weeks touring parts of Europe and some of the photos can be found on my Flickr photostream . This included visits to the mental fountain in Geneva and a journey into a glacier. Then, for some reason, I spent some time wild camping in Scotland. I plan to use some of the images to illustrate how most of our small island is used by people - even when it's taken 2 days to walk to where you are. A project to document the whole journey was foiled by the appalling weather. The final weekend was spent taking part in the 3peaks challenge. For anyone not familiar with this challenge details can be found here. e were a small independent team that took all possible steps to reduce our impact. Turning up at Wasdale Head at midnight was challenging as we had to keep the noise to a minimum. I'm pleased that I managed to get th