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So what is it with staffrm?

Staffrm is a new kid on the block, and a few have been left wondering what it is and what it’s for?  I’m no expert but am happy to share what it means to me and would encourage you to have a look.  Dip your toe into the water and feedback. What is it? To me, it’s a blogging platform for those who don’t want, or need, their own platform.  The idea is to be a virtual staffroom where partially, or even totally, unformed ideas and lesson plans can be shared.  It’s a space to think out loud, to poke the fire of debate and lubricate the thought processes.  Already, there is a positive vibe, and it feels like a safe environment in which to ‘think aloud.’  This is an important element., Most of all, it’s a space not taking itself too seriously, and I like this.  You only have 500 words too, which is easy to eat up. And, the look is fit and the interface evolving.  At the moment, it’s full of some really bubbly and positive people sharing all kinds of stuff from the profound , the sublime

Are they offering us a new deal? Workload and stuff.

I read the article by Nicky Morgan and Nick Clegg, ‘ We’re offering every teacher a new deal ,’ with interest.  First of all, I thought they’d be doing something really radical like.  Before reading further, if you’re not familiar with my thoughts on this, I would encourage you to read my Manifesto for Education , Teacher workload and well-being and my personal perspective on workload .  This post is a response, of sorts, to the article that appeared in the TES (although I did have a chuckle that the job titles written out). Before I go much further, I am a realist. I wonder how large and important in terms of general election votes teachers actually are.  I’m looking at that as a side issue, call me naive if you like. I found the proposals interesting, I’m not a natural cynic and negativity doesn’t sit well as anyone who glances through these pages will (hopefully) find. I welcome the idea of no changes to the inspection framework and curriculum.  But, this falls far short of a c