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Inspiration 4 Teachers Podcast

To me, the view from Snowdon’s summit as the sun sets is inspiring, especially when the only other person on this honeypot peak was my brother whose 30th birthday it was.  I find it hard to think of being inspiring to anyone, but I had a great chat with Kelly Long a little while ago about my thoughts around technology, particularly mobile devices.  I hope you enjoy the episode and check out the other great educators on the Inspiration 4 Teachers podcast which is a great resource.


  I have to be honest here, my first reaction to Rachel Jones’ post was less than positive.  I’m not really a fitting in sort of person.  I’m not the cool kid.  I’m what would be considered a square teacher in a round classroom.  However, that would be both unfair and unkind to Rachel, who is someone that I respect hugely.  And she said nice things about me and so therefore, here is this post.  I actually remember Rachel’s first TeachMeet presentation and it was fantastic.  I began to like her even more when I got to know her and understand her. The negative feeling I had was compounded when I looked at this from the Urban Dictionary :   And then Google came to the rescue with this: Which seemed OK, although I was disappointed to learn that there exists no direct Welsh translation. Nor does it exist in Iceland. Bugger.   The truth is, I have no idea whey people follow me on Twitter.  It started, (kind of as I have no idea what happened to number 1,3 or 3) with tweeting about