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The first post at last!

It's a great moment as I finally write the first post of my 'reflective' blog. I was inspired to create this blog after watching the excellent 50 Ideas in 50 Minutes presentation by Ollie Bray at the SAGT conference earlier this term. Shame it's taken me so long to get here!

Now that I have, the aim is to post at least once a day until the end of term - if I hit that target I'll be able to evaluate whether I should continue.

I first tried to use the edublogs setup, but have reverted to what I know best: blogger. Maybe I could convert at a later stage when my ICT skills are better!


  1. Yeha!! Welcome to the revolution Dave. Good luck with the one post a day! I will be following your blog with interest. Take care, Ollie.

  2. Keep up the good work David.
    I suppose all blogs reflect their creator to some extent - mine are like my website: random, creative, short bursts of excitement over new finds and thinking how to use it and share it with others...
    All the best


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