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Priory Geography’s Level mountains

Recently, some one commented that I was very lucky to work with the team I do.  I think that luck has nothing to do with it.  Priory Geography has a top group of people.  I’ll be showcasing some of the fantastic work of the department now and again. I’ll start with Sam Atkins’ Level grade mountains.  Gove may be changing levels, grades and the colour of the sky soon, but I love these! Here’s the KS3 example.

Olympic Geocaching

Olympic Geocaching VIEW SLIDE SHOWDOWNLOAD ALL More to come on this later, but today Priory Geography member Sam Atkins led our geocaching trip to Box Hill.  As part of the London 2012 cycle road race, the area will receive many visitors.  We’ve placed three caches, each with an aim linked to the Olympics.  We’ve also used Microsoft’s TAG software to link each cache to information about people’s impact on the area, much of which is a SSSI.  I’ll post more on this when the caches are live.The students were filmed by a BBC South Today film crew and the report should go out on the 15th March as part of our contribution to the BBC’s School Report project.  The project is a good example of using the best tools for a job as pupils blogged about the event to a private Posterous account from our department’s iPads (a connection made possible by using 3 £G MiFi dongles) and Microsoft’s TAG software and well as Photosynth.

Ofsted kills serendipity. False.

Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me
cuz we need a little controversy,
cuz it feels so empty without me.
Eminem, Without MeThere a thing niggling at me.   It’s the way that people hide behind Ofsted, accountability, exam boards, the National Curriculum or Gove.They aren’t what kills serendipity in the classroom.  Teachers are.Recently, we went through an Ofsted.  One of their observations stated that they saw too much teacher talk and not enough collaborative group work in general.  Therefore, the inspection regime doesn't kill off opportunities for genuine learning.  During the inspection, Priory Geography continued as usual, with pupils out and about.  Our lessons were seen a judged well.  I think that we need to stop hiding behind excuses and start being innovative.  More importantly, let’s get others in our own schools innovative.  Don’t wait for the invitation, let’s just do it.