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Closing the gap: when the main thing is not always teaching and learning

Over the past three years, one of my accountabilities has concerned accelerating the progress of disadvantaged students. We've learned a lot, and this is the data (I took up post in September 2013):

In a nutshell, our Pupil Premium students are making better progress and a greater proportion are attaining better grades. This is within a national picture where the attainment gap remains stubbornly static and the LA gap is increasing.

Of course, this is a complicated area and it is difficult to say which interventions and changes have really made the most difference. If you'd like to read our evaluations, visit our website.  What is clear, however is that the following have contributed (in no particular order):

1. A relentless focus on the quality of teaching and learning in individual classrooms.

Without a doubt, the biggest difference is made in classrooms. We trust teachers to identify students and support the core subjects with coaches. We don't believe in withdrawing yo…